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South Australia - your doorway to Australia

South Australia is opening the door to new ideas, new opportunities, new people and new businesses. It is a place that can be your doorway into Australia.

Premier’s vision

Jay WeatherillSouth Australia is a place where people and business thrive.

Our approach to government is a partnership between strong business, strong government and strong community.

Through its economic priorities, South Australia is working to its strengths and seeking to prosper in the global economy.

South Australia and China

China is South Australia’s largest and most significant trade two way trading partner, making up nearly a third of the state’s total exports.

South Australia has a wealth of mineral reserves, agricultural produce, seafood, wine, cleantech, advanced manufacturing and service sector skills.

The South Australia - China Engagement Strategy aims to enhance and deepen our long-term engagement in areas encompassing investment, trade and business, education, sport, culture, the arts, sciences, and the exchange of people, skills and ideas.

South Australia and Shandong

Almost 30 years ago, Shandong and South Australia agreed that friendly cooperation could unlock mutual benefits for our economies and our people.

Today our friendship is a model of engagement with South Australia being a doorway to Australia for Shandong and Shandong a vital gateway to China for Australia.

The strong tradition of cooperation has been reinforced with the recent signing of a Friendly Cooperation Action Plan 2015-2018 (FCAP).

The goals of the action plan are to:

  • Expand trade and investment with a focus on the reciprocal facilitation of market entry and distribution. Each year between 15-20 export ready companies will be supported under the Friendly Cooperation Action Plan 2015-2018.
  • Deepen agricultural exchanges and cooperation through personnel exchanges on produce quality, control and management. South Australia will share its expertise in plant quarantine and protection and both sides will pursue joint research and development projects.
  • Promote mining cooperation with training programs providing a deeper understanding of the value chain.
  • Tourism promotion that positions both South Australia and Shandong as premium destinations of choice.
  • Enhanced education exchanges and cooperation across primary and secondary schools and tertiary institutions. A working program will be implemented in April 2016 that establishes more sister schools and teacher and student exchanges. Shandong will support Mandarin education in South Australia. New scholarships to support students and training base in South Australia for Shandong teachers will also enhance our education cooperation.
  • Enriched culture, arts and sports exchanges with a South Australia cultural week being held in Shandong in 2016 and a reciprocal week in South Australia in 2018. Each year, staff members in cultural and art institutions will undertake reciprocal study and training. Friendly sporting matches, with a focus on soccer and basketball, youth sports exchanges and increasing industry cooperation will also lead to greater enrichment.
  • New partnerships in health, aged care and disability services including the commercialisation of research, cooperation in medical technology and the design and management of care facilities.
  • Urban planning and architectural design cooperation with training programs on innovative practices commencing in 2015.

See the South Australia-China fact sheet for more information about our relationship.

Information about South Australia


South Australia’s economic priorities

These economic priorities show the areas that South Australia is focussing on to transform its economy.

Best place to do business
Be a great place to live, work and do business.

Connecting with the world
Grow international connections, alliances and exports.

Opening doors for small business
Small businesses access capital and global markets.

Growth through innovation
Innovate to produce globally competitive, high-value firms.

Destination of choice
Be a destination of choice for international and domestic travellers.

Premium food and wine
Export premium food and wine to the world.

Adelaide, the heart of the vibrant state
Attract new investors, residents and visitors to Adelaide.

Unlocking our potential resources
Deliver a resources sector that’s dynamic and competitive.

Global leader in health and ageing
Develop world-class healthcare and ageing products and services.

Knowledge is our future
Be a state of knowledge creation and innovation.