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Unlocking our resources

Resources, energy and renewable assets

A rich opportunity

Having a dynamic resources sector that’s globally competitive will fuel economic development and job creation.

South Australia is in an enviable position with abundant resources, quality geoscience initiatives, a highly skilled workforce and a respected regulatory framework – it’s a rich opportunity to prosper.

We’ll support exploration and development – leveraging the activity generated by mining and energy into new intellectual property, jobs and global business opportunities for mining services companies.

We’ll balance development with protection of the environment, making efficient use of water and energy, as well as providing access land via a shared approach.

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Developing our mining services industry with the right infrastructure and access in place will unlock our full resource potential for a prosperous future.

With South Australia’s mineral, oil, gas and renewable energy resources in close proximity to growing markets in Asia, we can make the most of a rich opportunity – demand for resources world-wide.

We will support new technologies that address the challenges posed by the deep cover that obscures our mineral and energy resources. The aim is to drive down extraction costs via innovative partnerships between government, academia and industry; making sure there is an agreed approach to land access and use along the way.

South Australia is currently Australia’s leader for renewable  energy generation, including wind, solar, geothermal and wave  energy, and we haven’t even reached our full potential in this growth industry.

Moving forward, we need to encourage new forms of investment and ensure that national policy settings support existing and new opportunities in renewable energy generation. In addition, we’ll be creating employment opportunities for downstream suppliers to the mining industry as well as local indigenous communities and disadvantaged groups.

Actioning a rich future

Objectives for 2017

  • Increase the value of our mineral and energy resources production from $7 billion (2013 baseline) to $8.5 billion per annum (by end of 2017), creating an additional 3,000 jobs [update].
  • Double the number of Aboriginal people working in the mineral and energy resources sectors from 250 to 500.
  • Maintain private investment in mineral and energy resources exploration expenditure above $650 million per annum in 2017 [update].
  • Ensure $150 million of contracts are awarded through Industry Capability Network SA to local suppliers for the minerals and energy sector over the next three years.
  • Increase cumulative investment in South Australian offshore petroleum exploration to reach $700m by end 2017 [update].
  • Expand investment in renewable energy to be on track to increase the proportion of electricity generated from renewable sources from 39 per cent in 2013-14 to 50 per cent in 2025.
  • Create the foundations for a substantial and sustainable bioenergy industry [update].
  • Attract 5 to 10 additional mining service companies to South Australia.
  • Attract a further three resource companies with head offices in Adelaide [update].
  • Position South Australia to become a leading mining and energy services hub for the nation [update].
  • Successfully diversify 10 non mineral and energy suppliers into the minerals and energy resources sector [update].
  • Use regulatory and procurement resources to promote the deployment and uptake of electricity storage solutions [new].
  • Attract 5 sustainable energy service companies to South Australia [new].

Progress against objectives

Taking the initiative

PACE Frontiers – a two year, $4 million initiative specifically focused on addressing the high investment risk and support needed for mineral exploration.

South Australian Roundtable for Oil and Gas – a collaborative engagement forum for government, industry and the community which aims to facilitate investment opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

Mining and Petroleum Services Centre of Excellence – where mining and energy companies, research institutions and South Australian businesses work together to find solutions that will make our state’s resources globally competitive.

Mining Industry Participation Office – building South Australia’s mineral and energy resources supply chain capability and assisting local companies to capture opportunities from the state’s major resources projects.

Low Carbon Energy Investment Plan – to achieve our investment target of $10 billion in low carbon generation by 2025 and an increase in jobs from 1700 to 4000.

Copper Strategy – South Australia’s Copper Strategy outlines the plan to triple the State’s copper production to 1 million tonnes per year within the next two decades and ensure the South Australian community benefits from this increase.

Make it a priority to get involved

Mining Industry Participation Office

If you provide goods or services that could support the mining sector, contact the Mining Industry Participation Office and get ready to capture the benefits of mining for your business.


Read more about PACE, which is providing a robust, transparent and timely approval process.

Renewables SA

For more information about renewable energy investment in South Australia

SA founding partner of Climate-KIC Australia

The Australian Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community (Climate-KIC Australia) was launched today with the Government of South Australia committing to the initiative as a founding partner.

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The results are in

A second year review of progress against the State’s Economic Plan reveals that 10 of 73 objectives under the ten economic priorities have been reached well before the December 2017 deadline.

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SA is taking charge of its energy future

The State Government has unveiled a comprehensive plan to take charge of the State’s energy future and deliver reliable, affordable and clean power for South Australians.

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A first for SA as hydrogen cars test drive towards carbon neutrality

Hydrogen fuel cell cars took to the streets of Adelaide today in a South Australian first.

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