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Progress against objectives

The Knowledge State – attracting students and commercialising our research

2017 Objectives

2 year Progress Review


Ensure our businesses lead the nation in bringing new products and services to market that result from collaboration with our publicly funded research sector.

Progress Made

As part of the 2016-17 State budget, the Government announced a new innovation package which includes funding to support our entrepreneurs, increase the engagement between the research sector and industry and to help drive the commercialisation of new products.

Increase cumulative industry funding to our publicly-funded research sector from $270 million in 2012 to $570 million by 2017.

On Track

In 2014, industry investment grew to $487 million, indicating the 2017 target of $570 million will be achieved.

Increase the number of international students studying in South Australia from 28,300 in 2013 (baseline) to 35,500 in 2017.

On Track

In the year to September 2016, there were 31,858 international student enrolments, representing a 12.6% increase over the baseline and a 10.2% increase over the same period in 2015.

Increase the number of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) students commencing undergraduate and postgraduate studies each year from 11,200 in 2013 (baseline) to 13,100 by 2017.


The State Government is pursuing a STEM reform agenda focusing on STEM industries in primary and secondary schools and embedding entrepreneurship and business skills into mainstream STEM courses in tertiary institutions. Around 75,000 students across 139 schools will benefit from the new and refurbished facilities delivered as part of STEM Works.

Establish an accommodation offer guarantee to new international students studying at our public universities.

On Track

The South Australian Student Accommodation Association was launched in April 2016. Delivery of the Accommodation Guarantee to the market will use the existing LiveAdelaideonline website.