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Progress Against Objectives - December 2017

The Knowledge State – attracting students and commercialising our research

2017 Objectives

Status (as at December 2017)


Ensure our businesses lead the nation in bringing new products and services to market that result from collaboration with our publicly funded research sector.

Progress made

IP Australia research into joint patent applications by research organisations, including with private organisations, demonstrates the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia are in the top 10 public universities nationally that are actively collaborating to bring new products and services to the market.A shatterproof car mirror was developed at Uni SA Future Industries Institute, and is now being manufactured by SMR Automotive Australia in Adelaide, which has created 20 jobs and is being exported to the United States.

Myriota received state government funding to develop tiny low powered transmitters. It was awarded the Best Industrial IoT Start Up Company at the Internet of Things World Conference 2017.

Increase cumulative industry funding to our publicly-funded research sector from $270 million in 2012 to $570 million by 2017.


As at the end of 2015, cumulative industry funding to the publicly funded research sector was $610.1 million. Data for 2016 is expected to be made available in February 2018 with data for 2017 available the following year.

Increase the number of international students studying in South Australia from 28,300 in 2013 (baseline) to 35,500 in 2017.


In November 2017, there were 35,719 international student enrolments in South Australia, which is 26% higher than the 2013 baseline.

Increase the number of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) students commencing undergraduate and postgraduate studies each year from 11,200 in 2013 (baseline) to 13,100 by 2017.

Not achieved

There were 11,139 commencements in 2015. Data for 2016 is expected to be made available by end December 2017 with data for 2017 available the following year.

The results from the state government’s STEM reform agenda, focusing on primary and secondary school levels (in addition to higher education), are still to be fully realised. The Government’s mid to long-term approach will match the additional STEM qualified and skilled workforce to identified needs in defence and other advanced manufacturing industries from 2020.

Establish an accommodation offer guarantee to new international students studying at our public universities.


The delivery of the Accommodation Offer Guarantee to the market was completed with the Adelaide Student Housing website launch in April 2017. StudyAdelaide is using the website to market affordable, quality accommodation both locally and internationally.

Adelaide continues to perform better than most Australian capital cities in relation to student accommodation, with two new developments (Urbanest and Atira) currently being built.