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Progress against objectives

Promoting South Australia&rquo;s international connections and engagement

2017 Objectives

2 year Progress Review


Increase goods and services exports from $13.8b (2013) to $18b (2017) to create new jobs and economic growth.


Continued low global resources prices means this objective will be very challenging to achieve.

Growth in services exports accelerated to $2.6 billion (calendar year 2015), or 20% growth since 2013. The fall in goods exports stabilised, with the 2015/16 figure of $11.6 billion 2.7% up on 2014/15, but still well below the 2013/14 peak of $12.35 billion. Continued low resources prices which saw metal ore and metal scrap exports fall a further 26% in 2015/16 are the main problem. Higher value-added goods exports saw solid rises in 2015/16 (e.g. wine up 10% and fruit and vegetables up 12%.)

Both goods and exports growth in SA exceeded the national average on latest figures. Amongst major markets for SA, the US, the Total EU, South East Asia, Japan and the Middle East all grew, but China and India declined. Participation in all the Government’s main export promotion programs – Tradestart, the EPP and overseas missions – grew substantially.

Increase the number of South Australian businesses exporting by at least 50 per annum.

On track

The number of South Australian businesses exporting increased by 78 over the period 2013-14 to 2014-15 according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Of the 100 new companies signed up to the Tradestart client list in 2015-16, 60 were first time exporters.

Create at least 6000 new jobs in SA through inbound Foreign Direct Investment.

On track

In 2015-16 11 major investments were secured by Investment Attraction South Australia, representing over $970 million of investment for the state. This is expected to create about 4,500 jobs.

Increase the number of state government skilled migrant nominations from 2226 in 2013-14 to at least 2400 per annum in 2016-17.

On track

The objective was exceeded for the second successive year, with 2,439 nominations made in 2015-16 (10% increase).

Increase the number of business migrant nominations from 130 in 2013-14 to at least 250 per annum in 2016-17.

On track

The objective was exceeded in 2015-16 with 266 nominations made, which represented a 105% increase on the baseline and a 42% increase on the previous year.