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Progress against objectives

South Australia - the best place to do business

2017 Objectives

2 years Progress Review


Create the most cost–competitive business environment in the nation

On track

In March 2016 KMPG ranked Adelaide as the most cost competitive city in Australia. Recent tax and planning reforms are expected to strengthen investor interest in South Australia, with the Government continuing to engage with business and the community on ways to boost the State’s competitiveness.

Establish the most efficient and certain system of development control in the nation

Progress made

The State Government has committed $25.8 million to progressive implementation of a new planning system over a number of years. The new SA Planning Portal is an important first step towards a one-stop destination for planning in South Australia.

Establish the most responsive and efficient public sector in the nation

Progress made

Numerous initiatives have been implemented or strengthened to advance cultural change in the public sector, including how government works with the community. The Code of Ethics and public sector values have been reviewed and new governance arrangements for the 90 day projects with an emphasis on whole of government reform and achieving the economic priorities of the government have been implemented.

The Digital Government Readiness Report, released in July 2016, shows that South Australia is ranked equal second in Digital Government Readiness across Australia.

Ensure the long term sustainability of our state tax system, while minimising disincentives to economic activity and promoting fairness

On track

The State Government’s major tax reform package will see almost $670 million in tax reductions provided over four years to 2018-19 to businesses and the community.

Create a system of regulation which promotes innovation and removes unnecessary burdens on business and the community, while safeguarding consumers and the environment

On track

The Simplify Day Bill introduced on 15 November 2016, proposed the repeal of 11 obsolete Acts and amendments to 33 existing Acts and regulations. On Simplify Day 2016 the State Government also announced a further 25 initiatives for 2017 and beyond and committed to an annual Simplify Day to keep a focus on creating a better regulatory environment.