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Progress Against Objectives - December 2017

South Australia - the best place to do business

2017 Objectives

Status (as at December 2017)


Create the most cost–competitive business environment in the nation


In March 2016, KMPG ranked Adelaide as the most cost competitive city in Australia. In October 2017, the NAB released the State Economic Handbook, which noted that South Australia boasts the strongest business conditions in mainland Australia.

Recent tax and planning reforms are strengthening investor interest in South Australia, with the state government continuing to engage with business and the community on ways to boost the state’s competitiveness.

Establish the most efficient and certain system of development control in the nation

On Track

The Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 is being implemented gradually in transitional phases. To ensure an efficient and sustainable planning system is maintained, an independent State Planning Commission has been established to act as the state’s principal planning advisory and development assessment body. Full implementation of the Act remains on schedule for 1 July 2020.

The Thirty Year Plan for Greater Adelaide 2017 update provides clear policy signals as to what developers might reasonably achieve, and certainty for landowners in knowing what development can be anticipated in their areas. Local development plans have been progressively improved over the last few years to provide for well-defined development pathways/thresholds to determine whether proposals are considered by council assessment panels or to the State Commission Assessment Panel with design review in order to achieve better design outcomes for major or more complex development proposals. This will be further enhanced by the new Act.

Establish the most responsive and efficient public sector in the nation

Progress Made

The state government is implementing various Speed initiatives designed to make government regulation and decision making faster and more efficient. For example, the launch of the mySA GOV app enables South Australians to verify their identity once and then transact in a convenient way by securely storing credentials electronically.

For the survey period 1 July to 31 October 2017, 96% of customers rated their most recent encounter with Service SA as a positive experience.

There are ongoing efforts to better engage the community in the democratic process. For example, the Fund My Neighbourhood program launched in August 2017 and $20 million was allocated across South Australia for the first round of the program. Nearly 2500 ideas were submitted in round one, far exceeding expectations. In June 2017, the Fund My Community program won the 2017 United Nations Public Service Award and was the only Australian winner in more than 500 nominations for UN awards, from 62 countries.

Ensure the long term sustainability of our state tax system, while minimising disincentives to economic activity and promoting fairness


The 2017-18 State Budget locked in the next instalment of stamp duty cuts and announced the nation’s lowest payable payroll tax rate of 2.5% for the state’s small businesses.

Create a system of regulation which promotes innovation and removes unnecessary burdens on business and the community, while safeguarding consumers and the environment


The Government’s annual Simplify Day event ensures that regulatory and public sector reforms will continue to be identified and implemented in an ongoing partnership with business and the community. The 2017 Simplify Day Bill passed the House of Assembly on 18 October 2017. It will amend 41 different Acts and will repeal 11 outdated and unnecessary Acts.  27 regulations were also amended to reduce red tape on Simplify Day. The state government has already identified many issues to continue to work on and is committed to delivering future reforms.