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Progress Against Objectives - December 2017

Adelaide - heart of the vibrant state

2017 Objectives

Status (as at December 2017)


Establish Adelaide as the gateway to business and start-up opportunities including creative industries, by assisting another 60 new small to medium businesses starting up in the city.


As at September 2017, the state government has assisted 100 small businesses since 2015 through the small venue case management service and the Hub Adelaide and Renew Adelaide programs.

Provide further opportunities for investment through more streamlined regulatory processes for property development and business which we will see potential development rise to the value of $5 billion.


As at September 2017, $5.1 billion of potential development investment is proposed within the City and inner metropolitan area.

Activate more small streets and laneways across the CBD to provide opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

On Track

In the four years to November 2017, over 85 new venues have commenced trading across Adelaide’s laneways. This has stimulated more than 1000 jobs and over $80 million in economic activity. Peel Street was officially closed to vehicle traffic on 1 August 2017 and has been transformed from an under-utilised laneway into one of Adelaide’s most popular spots, supporting more than 150 new jobs.

The state government and Adelaide City Council are investing $14.6 million to transform the Market to Riverbank link, by improving the network of small streets and laneways between the Adelaide Central Market and Adelaide Riverbank. Stage 1, including construction works in Bank Street and Topham Mall North is on track for scheduled completion in December 2017. Stage 2, including construction works in Bentham Street, Pitt Street, Topham Mall South and Leigh Street is on track to commence in January 2018. The estimated economic impact generated from these capital works is $34.1m and 103 jobs.

Ensure Adelaide’s Park Lands are a place everyone can enjoy.

On Track

The state government has invested $5 million into the revitalisation of Park 19 Pityarrilla (Marshmallow Park), which includes a community plaza, landscaped promenades for improved bike and pedestrian access, a fenced dog park and community court. Stage 1 works consisting of a fenced dog park was completed in October 2017.

In May 2017, the state government announced a contribution of $6.7 million towards the redevelopment of Park 25 Narnungga in the west Park Lands. This project will support an increased residential, student and working population in the north-west of the city and compliment the upgrade to the South Australian Cricket Association facilities and is anticipated to be completed by March 2018.

In July 2017, the state government announced $3.2 million in funding to upgrade Park 22 (Josie Agius Park / Wikaparntu Wirra). In November 2017, work commenced to upgrade the netball courts including replacement of the existing courts, four additional courts, new court lighting, a new lawn area and walking trails that connect to the surrounding Park Lands.

Get every building on North Terrace open for business.

Not Achieved

The June 2016 North Terrace Building Activation Report noted that 9 of the 61 buildings assessed were deemed to be either vacant, under-utilised or partially utilised.

In September 2017, new incentives were released by the state government to assist with CBD building revitalisation. The measures includes a range of initiatives to make it easier to upgrade ageing underutilised buildings.

The extension of the city tramline along North Terrace to the East End and the development of the former Royal Adelaide Hospital site is expected to help to reactivate vacant sites, including key buildings along North Terrace.

Increase the number of people living in the city from 22,000 to 30,000 (on the way to our 2024 target of 50,000).

Not Achieved

The city population has risen steadily over recent years and as at June 2017, the estimated CBD population was 23,396. Final ABS data for this objective is expected to be made available by the end of April 2018.

To support further population growth state government initiatives include:

  • First homebuyers purchasing an apartment in the city will be able to receive up to $40,500 in assistance.
  • Off-the-plan apartment concession, a partial stamp duty concession available for apartments purchased pursuant to qualifying off-the-plan contracts entered into between 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2018.

Establish the Greater Riverbank Precinct as an iconic Adelaide destination.

On Track

The Winterlicious (2015) and Winter Village (2016) activations attracted approximately 155,000 people in total to the Riverbank Precinct. On 1 December 2017, the Adelaide Riverbank’s Urban Beach opened at Pinky Flat. The beach is expected to attract further visitation to the Adelaide Riverbank.

Construction of the Adelaide Festival Plaza, supported by a $180 million contribution from the state government, is on track, with the first stage due to be partially completed by the end of the 2017.

In September 2017, the state government announced its vision for the redevelopment of the former Royal Adelaide Hospital site to deliver a world-class precinct focusing on open spaces, accommodation, commerce, arts, culture and education.

The $330 million Adelaide Casino redevelopment will support further rejuvenation of the Riverbank Precinct and includes plans for a 123-room luxury hotel.

Broaden the availability of cultural, economic and sporting activities in the city at all times of the week, throughout the whole year, for people of all ages


Adelaide is a year-round destination for major events and festivals including:

  • Adelaide Festival of Arts (in 2017 there was a total audience of 284,400 with 86,400 tickets sold, an 8.6% increase from the previous year)
  • Adelaide Fringe (the economic impact of the Adelaide Fringe has double in six years, delivering $24.3 million of new money to the state in 2017)
  • Adelaide Oval events (including cricket, Australian Rules Football and soccer matches as well as major concerts)
  • WOMADelaide
  • Adelaide 500 supercar race
  • Tasting Australia
  • Adelaide Cabaret Festival
  • DreamBIG Children’s Festival
  • Umbrella: Winter City Sounds
  • OzAsia Festival
  • Adelaide Fashion Festival
  • Adelaide Film Festival

Economic impact research undertaken by Festivals Adelaide in 2016 show that arts and cultural activities contributed .58,000 visitors to South Australia with 3.8 million in total attendances.

Provide opportunities for an additional 1000 people to live in new developments adjacent to the parklands.


As at September 2017, there were 391 built apartments, 551 apartments under construction approximately 300 apartments approved and 419 apartments in the pipeline for approval.

Given the breakdown of the product mix is mostly 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom developments, this would equate to providing opportunities for an additional 1000 people to live in developments surrounding the parklands.