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Premier's vision

Jay Weatherill

South Australia is a place where people and business thrive. 

That is my vision for this great state.

South Australia is already a great place to live and we value that as a community.

The vision is about protecting the way of life that we value but opening the door to new ideas, new opportunities, new people and new businesses.

It is about us all taking bold actions and seizing opportunities.

It’s acknowledging that we must try new things, even though some of them might not go to plan.

The vision emerged from our approach to government, at the heart of our economic development strategy, where there is a partnership between strong business, strong government and strong community. The economic priorities and actions that will underpin the vision reflect this partnership.

We are committed to working with business and the community to make sure that South Australia works to its strengths and prospers in the global economy. 

Jay Weatherill
Premier of South Australia