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SA Planning Commission team in place

Six South Australians with widespread expertise in urban design, construction, economics and public policy will guide the redevelopment of the state’s planning system over the next three years.

The South Australian Planning Commission members were appointed by the Governor and will serve alongside former Supreme Court Justice Mr Tim Anderson QC who was appointed Chairperson of the inaugural Commission in March.

The members are:

  • Michael Lennon 
    Mr Lennon has a 25-year international career in housing, planning and urban development. He has been Managing Director of Housing Choices Australia since 2014.
  • Matt Davis
    Mr Davis is a highly awarded architect and urban designer with experience in private practice, academia and government.
  • Janet Finlay
    Ms Finlay has 25 years’ experience in advising major companies on commercial, tax and related accounting issues.
  • Fairlie Delbridge
    Ms Delbridge is a leader in the commercial property development sector and former General Manager of Strategy and Innovation with Renewal SA.
  • Allan Homes
    Mr Holmes possesses a wide range of strategic, organisational and analytical skills. He has a long background in government departments, with particular expertise in environmental matters including water and natural resources.

The Commission came into operation on 1 April 2017 and will implement most of the reforms under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

Reporting directly to the Minister for Planning, the Commission’s primary roles include:

  • Providing advice and recommendations on government planning policy
  • Analysing and assessing upcoming development projects
  • Coordinating planning with infrastructure and guidance
  • Guiding local council and accredited professionals in the delivery of new planning services and community engagement.

The Commission will action several key components of the new system including:

  • Creating a new Community Engagement Charter
  • Establishing its Governance arrangements including subcommittee structure
  • Commencing work on the new State Planning Policies and Planning and Design Code.
Image Caption: The Commission will commence work on the new State Planning Policies and Planning and Design Code.

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