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State Budget Fast Facts

Jobs now – and jobs of the future

The State Budget 2016-17 was released on 7 July 2016.

It was designed to promote jobs growth in South Australia and focus on building future industries:

  • developed future strategies in industries, including in defence, renewables and infrastructure projects
  • small business employment grant schemes to generate employment across the State
  • investing in schools, hospitals, roads and public transport
  • encouraging healthy lifestyles and strong communities.

Key initiatives of the budget:

  • Infrastructure - $12.1 billion total infrastructure spend on transport, health and education infrastructure.
  • Investing in education - $500 million to upgrade school facilities and prepare children for the jobs of the future.
  • Growing jobs - $244 million to grow and support local jobs, with $109 million specifically to the job creation grant scheme.
  • Best place to do business - Extending tax relief, including small business payroll tax rebate and the off the plan stamp duty concession.
  • Global competitive economy - $135 million to attract and create new industries while fostering our innovative culture by supporting our entrepreneurs.
  • Defence opportunities - $19 million to ensure we capitalise on the future submarines and frigates decisions to attract companies and create thousands of local jobs.
  • Adelaide, the vibrant city - More than $65 million for art infrastructure and cultural programs.
  • Health - $527 million to support our health system.
  • Regions - $384 million on new initiatives in regional areas.
  • Environment - $98 million to protect, sustain and enhance our clean and green environment.
  • Community - $336 million providing wellbeing services, supporting NDIS, investing in our public transport system and improving sporting facilities.
    $169 million extra resources for police, justice sector and emergency services.

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