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International connections

International engagement

Making a world of difference

We need to be open to new people, new ideas, new investment and business partnerships.

To get ahead in a competitive world, we need to build South Australia’s international connections, alliances and exports to a new level. Our future prosperity depends upon it.

We need to attract foreign direct investment to connect us with overseas markets, capital and know-how.

We can build on our proud history of multiculturalism and we’ll attract new people to our state with ideas, entrepreneurship, cultural connections and capital.

With stronger international connections we can make a world of difference to South Australia’s future.

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International trade and investment are critical for an outward looking, sophisticated South Australian economy.

With almost 1 million hectares of land, 1.7 million people and an abundance of natural resources, international trade and investment are pivotal to South Australia’s prosperity.

Almost a quarter of our state’s population was born overseas, with migrants contributing significantly to our economy through entrepreneurship and by enhancing relationships between South Australia and the rest of the world.

We need to build on these international connections and bring them to the fore of our thinking. We need to be open to new people, new ideas, new investment and business partnerships.

Foreign investment supports the development of our key sectors, attracting new economic agents which will aid job creation and new business opportunities.

Alliances with global companies can develop new thinking and cultural change in our state, help expand market opportunities, and ultimately build our wealth and standard of living.

We need to increase skilled and business migration to South Australia and significantly increase economic activity, employment and enterprise profitability linked to exports.

South Australia’s future economic growth is dependent on our international connections and engagement.

Actioning a global future

Objectives for 2017

  • Increase goods and services exports from $13.8b (2013) to $18b (2017) to create new jobs and economic growth.
  • Increase the number of South Australian businesses exporting by at least 50 per annum.
  • Create at least 6000 new jobs in South Australia through inbound Foreign Direct Investment.
  • Increase the number of state government skilled migration nominations from 2226 in 2013-14 to at least 2400 per annum in 2016-17.
  • Increase the number of business migrant nominations from 130 in 2013-14 to at least 250 per annum in 2016-17.

Progress against objectives

Taking the initiative

Ensure our businesses and industry groups are engaged in trade missions.

Provide case management services for high value projects undertaken by business migrants and other international investors.

Work with companies that have fly-in fly-out (FIFO) employees or relocation opportunities to seek their support for these employees to become residents of South Australia.

Target onshore temporary migrants to become permanent residents of South Australia, including international graduates and skilled workers.

Develop linkages with our university sector and Education Adelaide to better coordinate trade and migration, student and investment attraction activity.

Make it a priority to get involved

India, China and South East Asia engagement strategies
See how South Australian businesses can capture and maximise opportunities in these growing economies:

Connecting domestic and international investors to South Australia’s significant investment opportunities - see Invest in South Australia

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Investment and Trade Statement

Export Partnership Program

Move to South Australia

SA and ACT join forces to launch national space agency

South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory have come together to advocate for the establishment of an Australian Space Agency.

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Countdown to astronautical congress begins

Life on Mars, outerspace settlements, solar sailing, space junk search and retrieval missions will all be on the agenda at the 68th International Astronautical Congress, which is now only 50 days away.

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SupaShock and Rheinmetall come together for global partnership

German-based military vehicle maker and builder Rheinmetall has acquired 49% of South Australian suspension maker SupaShock in a move that will create new export opportunities and high-tech defence manufacturing jobs.

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Bright young minds focus on the jobs of the future

The Aerospace Futures conference kicked off in Adelaide today bringing hundreds of university graduates and young professionals together with leaders of the nation’s space and defence industries.

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