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Status Updates (August 2017)

Priority / Objective Updated status (August 2017)Progress (August 2017)

Unlocking our resources
Attract 5 to 10 additional mining service companies to South Australia.

AchievedPinssar, Aquachem, Chrysos, Laserbond and Enerflex have been attracted to South Australia.
Premium food and wine
Increase international exports of differentiated and processed food and wine from $2.8 billion in 2013-14 to $3.6 billion in 2016-17.
Progress MadeThe value of differentiated food & wine exports was $2.52 billion as at the March quarter of 2016-17.
Establish a global reputation for premium food and wine.AchievedActivities that support achievement of this target include:
  • Ongoing wine sector profile growth through Adelaide’s membership of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.
  • Marked and continuing growth in wine export to China, including the success of the Wine Australia China Roadshow in May 2017.
  • Memorandum of Understanding signed in July 2017 between South Australia and Singapore to collaborate, with a specific focus on food innovation.
  • Promotion of the Northern Adelaide Food Park in Singapore in July 2017 as part of the South East Asia Business Mission.
Global leader in health and ageing
Develop the North Terrace Health Precinct as the cornerstone of South Australia’s health economy.
AchievedThe Adelaide BioMed City is one of the largest life sciences in the southern hemisphere. The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and the University of Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building are operational and the opening of the state of the art new Royal Adelaide Hospital on 5 September 2017 is an important milestone in modernising our State's health system.
Develop an international reputation for our high levels of older citizen participation in economic and community life.On TrackThe International Ageing Well Conference is to be held in Adelaide between 22-23 November 2017.

An industry-led Ageing Well entity is to be established to develop the industry and promote opportunities in the market.
Secure significant health and biomedical conferences in South Australia to promote business-to-business or business-to-research partnering.AchievedThere were 43 significant health and biomedical conferences in 2015-16. Highlights in 2016-17 saw Adelaide host the 41st Annual Conference of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society, the 5th Australian Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Conference, the SPIE Bio-Photonics Australasia Conference and the Australian Pain Society 37th Annual Scientific Meeting.
Increase international medical equipment and devices exports from $151 million in 2013/14AchievedInternational medical equipment and devices exports increased to $268m in 2015-16.
The knowledge state
Increase cumulative industry funding to our publicly-funded research sector from $270 million in 2012 to $570 million by 2017.
AchievedAs at the end of 2015, cumulative industry funding to the publicly funded research sector was $610.1 million.
Establish an accommodation offer guarantee to new international students studying at our public universities.AchievedThe Adelaide Student Housing website was launched in April 2017 and guarantees that all international students are provided with up-to-date information about accommodation availability and their rights concerning accommodation.
A destination of choice
Increase the value of our tourism sector from $5.2 billion to $6.3 billion per annum by June 2017 (on the way to our 2020 target of $8.0 billion).
AchievedThe value of South Australia’s tourism sector was $6.3bn in the year to March 2017.
Increase tourism direct employment from 31,000 to 36,000, on the way to our target of 10,000 additional jobs by 2020.AchievedDirect employment in the tourism sector was 36,700 in the year to June 2016.
Establish an international reputation for our premium food and wine experiences.AchievedAdelaide became a member of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network in July 2016. The commencement of direct flights between Adelaide and Guangzhou, and Adelaide and Qatar, sees our premium food and wine products, including meat and dairy, flying out of Adelaide to key export destinations.
Enhance our thriving live music scene.AchievedLive music in South Australia provides 4,100 jobs and a $264 million economic contribution to the State’s economy.
Further enhance South Australia's position as the cycling state.AchievedThe economic impact from the Santos Tour Down Under reached a record $56.5 million in 2017.
Develop a reputation for service excellence and unique visitor experiences.AchievedLonely Planet lists South Australia as one of the top five must-see regions for 2017. The Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail was launched in October 2016 and has since been announced by Lonely Planet as one of ten “best new openings” in the world for 2017.
Best place to do business
Establish the most efficient and certain system of development control in the nation
On TrackAs at May 2017 the State Planning Commission, the state’s principal planning advisory and development assessment body, was appointed and operational.
Ensure the long term sustainability of our state tax system, while minimising disincentives to economic activity and promoting fairnessAchievedThe 2017-18 Budget locked in the next instalment of stamp duty cuts and announced the nation’s lowest payable payroll tax rate of 2.5% for the state’s small businesses. Budget surpluses are forecast to be maintained across the forward estimates period.
Vibrant Adelaide
Establish Adelaide as the gateway to business and start-up opportunities including creative industries, by assisting another 60 new small to medium businesses starting up in the city.
AchievedSince 2015, the State Government has assisted 99 small businesses through the small venue case management service and the Hub Adelaide and Renew Adelaide programs.
Provide further opportunities for investment through more streamlined regulatory processes for property development and business which we will see potential development rise to the value of $5 billion.AchievedAs at August 2017, $5.69 billion of potential development investment is proposed within the City and inner metropolitan area
Ensure Adelaide’s Park Lands are a place everyone can enjoy.On TrackIn May 2017 the State Government announced a contribution of $6.7 million towards the redevelopment of Narnungga/Park 25 in the west Park Lands.
Get every building on North Terrace open for business.Progress MadeThe State Government is developing a suite of initiatives to encourage the revitalisation of ageing vacant office buildings for conversion/upgrade to a primarily residential use.
Increase the number of people living in the city from 22,000 to 30,000 (on the way to our 2024 target of 50,000).Progress MadeThe city population has risen steadily over recent years and the estimated population for 2016 was 23,615. To support further population growth the 2017-18 Budget announced that off-the-plan stamp duty concession would be extended until 30 June 2018. A $10,000 grant would also be provided to eligible off-the-plan apartment purchasers.  
International connections
Increase the number of South Australian businesses exporting by at least 50 per annum.
AchievedIn 2016-17, 60 new South Australian businesses commenced exporting.
Increase the number of state government skilled migrant nominations from 2226 in 2013-14 to at least 2400 per annum in 2016-17.AchievedIn 2016-17 there were 2,447 skilled migrant nominations.
Increase the number of business migrant nominations from 130 in 2013-14 to at least 250 per annum in 2016-17.Achieved In 2016-17 there were 564 business migrant nominations.
Opening doors for small business
Establish a new private sector financial market capacity to fund emerging South Australian businesses.
AchievedThe $50 million SA Venture Capital Fund will support our innovative businesses to become more competitive and reach new markets. The fund became operational from 6 July 2017.
Increase the number of small and medium size businesses by 5 per cent each. Will Not Be Achieved The number of small and medium sized businesses has risen over the last year by 0.6% and 0.1% respectively. In February 2017, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data showed that the survival rate of new entry businesses in South Australia over a four-year period to 2016 was the highest in Australia at 57.2%.
Ensure that our small business leaders have the capability to attract external capital. AchievedAs at 30 June 2017,26 applicants to the SA Early Commercialisation Fund (SAECF) have been awarded approximately $3.1 million, with four SAECF grantees attracting a further $517,000 from external sources into their companies.